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mexico, italy, from france, there are lots of and lots of people here coming to take part in the 20th anniversary ride. if you -- think of this as a protest or a party kind of depends on who you ask but right now i have to say the atmosphere is more party than protest. we will see what happen when is they hit the streets. reporting live in san francisco, ktvu channel 2news. >> another live look right now, we have a ktvu camera ready to ride along with them. again we are going to follow the critical mass bike ride and monitor tonight's ride, a lot of people out there getting ready to take off. we have reports that you posted on the route and any major traffic impacts if those happen. >> a vigil is about to part in nevado where a 12-year-old was struck and killed while riding her bike home from school. mike is in nevado and spoke with her family today about the hope she had for her future.
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>> reporter: and right now the memorial here at the accident sight continues to grow and as it does we now that the young girl was riding her bike against traffic. right here across the street on her way home. we talked to some family and friends and they came up with one exexplanation. often coming from home she would stop and feed horses. she did that often on her way home. she wanted to be a vet when she grew up. the flowers, the notes, the outpouring of support hasn't stopped . >> right now, my thoughts and prayers with the family. >> my daughter is friend was her and she is awesomeness what my daughter said. >> reporter: she died yesterday after being struck by a white suv on nevado. the male driver stopped at
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scene. >> we can't talk about what he said. >> reporter: drugs and alcohol doesn't appear to be a factor but a cell phone could have been. >> we have looked in '2that and it's to early to release information. >> reporter: this mother was to upset to talk but her aunt told us about the girl who moved here from new mexico just five weeks ago. >> she loved it here. she loved it here. she told her mom god sent us here for a reason. >> reporter: she was enrolled at school where friends and family say it was obvious even at a new school she was a leader. >> very, very out going, so gifted, she had so much to give. she had so much potential. >> reporter: again back live here at the accidenti. you can see classmates continue to drop off flowers a memorial fund has been set up through wells fargo. for more information on that you can go to the website at
6:03 pm and that vigil set to start in 25 minutes, down the street from us. live tonight. ktvu channel 2news. >> a collision between a oakland city truck and an suv sent six people to the hospital. the crash happened this morning at 14th and franklin and damaged two buildings. police say all four people in the cars were hurt as well as two people on the sidewalk who were pushed through the glass in front of one of the buildings. they are all captain expected to recover. >> morgan hill police say a mother who left her daughter behind after a shoplifting attempt is now on the run with baby son. investigators say the 38-year- old tried to shoplift from a safeway store last week. they say she took off and left her 10-year-old daughter at that store. investigators say they have spoken with her by phone and believe she is in the tahoe area. she say she may be suicidal and fear her baby son body be in danger movement a vallejo
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charter school has become the latest target of thieves. new, we went to vallejo and have the reason the crime is especially hurtful to the students. >> reporter: it didn't take long to notice something was gone. the walls formerly lined computers were now bare. early thursday thieves took off with $20,000 worth of computers. >> we felt like they took it from us. >> reporter: here, a charter midexample sky hole the focus is on technology. for the students the theft is especially upsetting. >> we depend on them. >> we are all fighting for -- to have a good life. we are all doing the best we can. for someone to just come and steal is disappointing. >> research based so it's really difficult >> they asked us through here. >> reporter: the classroom wasn't on campus. it was rented space across the
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street. the computers belonged to the school but the boys and girl's club hoped to use them too. >> people stole from the children. it's -- you know. it's wrong. >> reporter: the police are investigating and say the thieves left fingerprints behind. in the meantime the boys and girls club is stepping up. >> go back to the 20th century . >> reporter: the plan to move computers other classrooms until they can replace what was taken. . >> as for what we have to do on the computer it was setting us back. >> police think that the thieves came in through this window. officials aren't sure what insurance will cover since it didn't happen on their property. they are hoping to replace the computers but they think it could take up to a year. live in vallejo. >> antioch police say they have arrested two teen boys in connection with a playground arson last week. the fire was at antioch city
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park on a street. investigators say they received a tip that the fire may have been set on purpose. yesterday officers arrested two boys, age 17 and 14. no two police departments received high marks in the best of the west law enforcement competition. concord swat team made the top five and the sniper was first place. the competition included a course and shooting events that tested physical conditioning along with marksmanship. >> the governor signed a bill to limit carrying some guns openly in public. it bans the display of unloaded rifles and shot guns outside of a vehicle there. are exemptions for hunting and. it was written after some started carrying unloaded long guns in protest against other laws. >> locked out workers will be
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back on the job soon. last month a judge ruled the club had illegally locked out employees. they ordered them to bring them back and pay them badge wages estimated to be almost $2 million. now a union spokeswoman said they will be allowed to return on october 16th. >> apple ceo apologized today for its glitchy new mapping app. in a statement the ceo said apple is working to improve the app that replaced google maps on their products. users have reported disohrted imagines and wrong directions. until it's done he told customers to try other things like google maps or map quest and just hours after he said that apple stock dropped. shares fell by about 2%. >> south bay leaders gathered in fremont today to help break ground on the new bart
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extension to san jose. the transportation authority, federal officials and mike honda all dug the shovel of dirt. it's underway because the residents made it happen. >> we have -- like the leadership here. also we have the people who voted for the measures to be used to fund this project. >> part of the extension project includes widening mission boulevard to make way for future bart tracks. >> a south bay hospital has made a sizable donation to help prevent teen drug addiction. the hospital has given $150,000 to emq families first. the organization runs an addiction prevention mobile crisis program. this is the third year the hospital has donated to the
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program. > police departments joining in on a nationwide drug take back day tomorrow. the departments want people to bring in expired or unwanted medication you may have. you can take it to either police department or the parking lot that is right next to the main fire station. the event goes from ten until two. >> angry parents pushing for a veto tonight. the bill sitting on the governor's desk that they say infringes on their rights as parents. >> and back here, the fog is here but will go away this weekend and it'll get hot. there is a -- excessive heat watch in effect. i will show you where. dan hurd: when i was a child, california was a leader in education funding.
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erika derry: and the fact that california isn't making it a priority frustrates me. dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that. prop 38 is an opportunity of a generation.
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. happening now, live pictures of tonight's critical mass, right now they are listening to speakers, but the ride should get started pretty soon. there are sometimes of between 2,000 all the way up to possibly ten thousand riders taking part in this and one of the things about critical mass they never let you know what route they will take. they just start riding if you have been caught in critical mass there is nothing you can do but let all of them go by however long it takes, just have to be patient. police will watch just in case tonight. this is the 20th anniversary for critical mass started 20 years ago with 60 riders. you can see how far it's gone in those 20 years. this could be one of the largest in history. we will continue to follow this. >> they remain quiet for years but tonight more than a dozen united states servicemen and women are making their voices
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heard. they claim they were assaulted or, raped and harassed by current and former members of the military. new, we talked to some of the service members today after they filed a lawsuit in federal court. >> reporter: the purpose of this lawsuit is to protect future military recruits. so for the first time more than a dozen alleged victims are speaking out. >> i have been alone and i have been quiet. >> reporter: today she is coming forward with a message for other military victims. >> i know it's really hard to speak up especially if you are still in the military. but you aren't alone and we are fighting for you. . >> reporter: she is joining 18 others in a federal lawsuit filed in san francisco today against the current and former united states defense secretaries and the secretary of the army and air force. they claim the high ranking officials knew about at assault problem in the military and didn't do enough to prosecute
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the attackers or stop revenge. him all endured strikingly similar patterns of revenge and harassment for having reported. >> the treatment of rape victims in the military is so humiliating many would rather die. >> reporter: an estimates it's thousand sexual assaults but only 3200 cases were reported and less than 800 prosecuted. that's why a congresswoman is pushing the stop act. it would pull prosecution out of the military chain of command and into independent panel. >> they will get a fair revalue. they won't have the conflict of interest overlay that happens with many of these cases. >> reporter: now the stop act remains in committee so for now the handling of military sexual saw assault cases remains in house. live in alameda.
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>> and we have posted a topee of the lawsuit on the website. you can read the charges for yourself. just look for the court document. >> today angry parents rallied in sacramento calling on the governor to veto a bill about refusing vaccinations. about a hundred people were there including rob schneider from the bay area. if signed the bill would require parents to submit a statement from a medical professional telling them of the risks of not getting their children vaccines. the governor said that interferes with religious from dom. >> what they hope to do is get everybody to step in line. they are interested in forcing people rather than in educating people. >> we want to make sure we protect all the community from diseases, we don't want to see them come back. >> supporters of the bill say it's important that parents have information. the governor has until sunday to sign or veto the bill.
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current state law lets children go into school white vaccines if parents file a letter saying it's against their religious or personal beliefs. berkeley sciencists have created the nation's first early warning system for quakes but now the project is on the chopping block and in seven minutes the plea they made to congress today. >> this is a bitter sweet day here. long time photograph journeyist and chief photographer john mckenzie is retiring. >> especially has covered all of the biggest stories including a wildfire near big sur that came a little to close for comfort. >> he has also won seven emmy's and was twice named press photographer of the year. >> every story, there is one picture that tell that story. the trick is to find that picture. >> and he does.
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he said he plans to travel now that he will have a lot more free time and of course continue to take pictures because is he a wonderful still photographer. we will have more on his incredible career coming up tonight at ten. such a talented man. we will miss him and always full of smiles. >> if you don't know his brother was bob mckenzie. a great reporter, great photographer. what a talented family. >> yeah. like you said great photographer and he is a great dad. he is -- just so neat to work with him. we will miss him a lot. around here heating up the bay area weekend. we have fog along the coast. it didn't heat up todayt. was just -- 15 degrees cooler in many locations, ten in others, fog still in san francisco. you are like what are you talking about? we are in downtown market. its going to warm up this week. it's a major warming trend. tomorrow it starts but really
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kicks in, sunday and monday. san francisco, tomorrow just mid60s. you get mid-90s inland. sunday san francisco -- very hot as you get into monday. of course with the increasing temperatures, increase in fire danger. spare the air and they will issue one under and monday. the inversion will get shallower. the air quality won't be great. the fire danger goes up and it'll be one of those weekends, here is the deal. though it's getting hot and dry we won't see the incredible off shore winds, that's what i worry about the heat -- low humidity. when the wind gets howling that's trouble. right now the forecast for the winds -- not that strong. they will be there but will be light and relatively nice, ten, 15 miles an hour but not 35 and 40. the forecast inland, tomorrow, little bit warmer as i said. as you go into sunday and monday, 95 to 100. clearing 70s. bigger swell along the coast. rip currents on sunday.
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it'll get warm. lue want to swim but the rip current also be bad. mark will be in here this weekend. rosemary and they will track the heat. tomorrow these are the temperatures, sunday and monday. that's the real story when the temperatures heat up. to take away we aren't getting big winds and that's the thing. if it was a windy weekend it would be the worst case situation. like the oakland hills fire period when he had big winds, high heat and low humidity this will be big heat, low humidity but not big winds, i said that like five times but it's important to understand. you look at the five-day the wind is the deal. i will tell you when it's howling you have heat and humidity low humidity trouble we shouldn't get those winds, of course back tonight ten the latest models and i will keep my eyes on the winds. >> coming up on bay area news at seven, more than ever tonight's critical mass is spanning the generations. how those who weren't even born
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are taking part tonight. and airport delays expected at sfo. what could lead to extra headaches this weekend. we hope you join us for this and more at seven. . >> couple of traditional powers in the west catholic athlete i can league to meet tonight. that's our high school game of the week. a live report. this is a lot of food for 4 bucks.
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yeah... think they made a mistake? i don't know - maybe. the fried cheese melt is back for just 4 bucks. 1 of 4 big 4-dollar meals on the 2-4-6-8 value menu. only at denny's. open all night.
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. happening now. critical mass has just started in downtown san francisco. there you see some of the riders, going up the street there. there could be thousands of riders taking part in tonight's critical mass. it could be one of the biggest critical mass in san francisco history. this is the -- if you do get stuck there is nothing you can do but let them all pass. it's -- the 20th anniversary so that's why it's so billing big. people there all over the world to take part. we will watch it for you. have a little more in a moment. >> they are on the move. it's friday night and that means timing for the friday night game of the week joe is following two undefeated teams. >> . this should be a good one. >> reporter: yeah.
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i'm at foothill college where the two teams meeting and the head coach is with us right now and i think that the thing we know about this league is -- we know there is no time off in this league, that every game is a critical game. two undefeated teams in the conference opener so a big game. >> it's a huge game. both are 3-0 and every week is a huge game. >> what do you know about the teams so far? >> i think when we play emotion the way the game is meant to be played we are going to be in good shape. i have a lot of confidence in our team and you know they are ready to go. we have had a great week of program. >> as i look at your team verses sarah wind -- they like to put the ball, keep it onto ground. they have a runner -- they spread it around with 16 different so you have to be aware of that. >> right. we can't just focus on eric redwood because they do have
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two or three other guys very com forrable to him as well as five or six good role players. we are ready to go and the defense has to -- has to gang tackle and wrap up first player to the ball. . and then maybe the contrast is your quarterback you have five different guy who have scored on the ground, four different receivers so you spread the ball around in a different way than they do. >> our offensive coordinator does a good job as far as taking the advantage of what the defense presents and offense we can execute it'll be a good game. >> we have said this and this is just the first of what will now be seven weeks and it's a grind in this league. every single week have you to be ready. >> you do. from top to bottom you can never take a week off and the kids know that and should be exciting. >> we look forward to seeing how it'll turn out. thank you for coming. >> thank you. >> it's mini and sarah in the game of the week. both teams undefeated.
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first game of league play should be a good one. highlights tonight. until then reporting live. >> all right. thank you. we want to go back to san francisco, the bike riders hit the road just about five minutes ago and now hundreds, possibly thousands of bicyclists are riding through downtown san francisco. you can see this is the 20th anniversary ride. it may be the largest ride of it's kind in the city's history. of course we are following for you tonight. >> you can see we have a camera going. we will have more at seven and a complete report at ten. thank you for trusting us. rtment,
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it gets me down. i look around and think it's a little bit smaller now. i realize it's just the thickness of the paint, but it just keeps coming in every time i paint it closer and closer. wall outlets? i look for a lump with two slots in it. looks like a pig trying to push his way through from the other side. that's where i plug in. my idea of the perfect living room
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